Wednesday, June 19, 2019

SD-WAN optimization VS Wan acceleration

It is a general misconception among many people that WAN optimization and WAN acceleration applies the same technology. They can both be termed as the “application acceleration”, but mistaking them for being synonyms is not the right approach. This confusion arises mainly because the ultimate goals of both the technology are somewhat similar. Some of them have been listed below:-

• Improved network and resource utilization
• Better end user experience; and
• Maximized network performance

The main difference between the two lies in their methodology and how they are being used by the operators to get the desired results.

WAN optimization mainly provides a generic blanket or to say a higher level of optimization. The main reason behind this feature is that it focuses on network and transport layer protocols through the means of SSL sessions. Many major companies opt for the DRE product line as it includes selective acknowledgments, larger window, and buffer sizes. Apart from more this it also provides assistance in improvement on slow starts and the congestions mechanism.

On the other hand, Application acceleration is more devoted to the lower layer of the OSI model, mainly the application layer and provide only certain improvements. Another important aspect of WAN acceleration is that it may not have been designed to be used outside of a LAN. It mainly removes the excess chatter from the file transfer protocol mainly CIFS. But certainly WAN acceleration has many hidden benefits that have been listed below:-

    Provide LAN-like performance for mobile employees, anywhere
    Grow without paying for additional bandwidth
    Provide faster connectivity for branch offices
    Speed data backups across the network

At last, it all depends on your need and requirement as to which application should be installed. Performance of both the technology speaks for themselves.

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